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Meetings-Monthly Progress Review
Meetings-Quality Control
Meetings-Site Security and Safety
Meetings-Environment Protections

Meetings-Monthly Progress Review
Smooth progress of the project is the key to guaranteeing completion on time to which the Owner always attaches great importance. A regular monthly meeting is held between the Owner and the Contractor. 

Owner: Shall we start the meeting? The purpose of our meeting today is to review and discuss the progress of the project, I would like you to explain what you have achieved for the past month.

Contractor: Generally speaking the construction activities have been going smoothly. But there are certain problems concerning some import permits…For the details, Mr. xx will give us an account of the construction progress for all the sections of the Works.  
Mr. xx: For the xxx…At xxx…Let’s now have a look at…We’ve also done…Last…

Owner: Thank you. We can see the progress at XXX confirms to the schedules which we are satisfied. However we don’t get any information about XXX which should start in the past month.

Contractor: Let me clear this up…(changed schedule)

Owner: Thank you. Anyway, I want to remind you that everything should be done strictly in accordance with the contract documents. The slow progress at XXX gives me grave concern which is two week behind schedule.

Contractor: (Explain why), the work is now on track.

Owner: How about the material & equipment supply? 

Contractor: We have purchased and delivered 200 tons of steels to the site, but the explosive we ordered from the U.S. have not been able to be cleared through the Customs due to the import permit problem. 

Owner: I got reply from the competent department that we can get the permit for explosive by next Tuesday. 

Contractor: Thank you. And the telephones installed on the job site are insufficient, therefore we want to have a radio communication system, so we need a license for this.

Owner:  I don’t think this is a problem. I will be able to get it for you within one week, for sure. 

Contractor: Thank you. Good cooperation between us will certainly enhance our success with this project. 

Owner: I can assure you, as the representative of the project Owner, I will, as always, stand firmly behind you in the execution of this project. And I believe that, through our mutual efforts, this project will surely be a success. 

Contractor: I think so, too. 
Notes to the Text
Sections of the Works: 工程区段,常指相对独立的部分
Place/pour/cast concrete: 浇筑混凝土
Block 7: 第七坝块,混凝土坝一般分若干块进行浇筑,每一块则为一个   block
The first lift : lift指每次浇筑的一层
Steel bracing: 钢支撑
Shift: 这里指轮班,2 shift/2 shift system
Expedite the progress: 加快进度
Foundation pit: 基坑
Gallon: 加仑,1 gallon(英制)=4.546 litres ; 1 gallon(美制)=3.785 liters
Explosive: 炸药
Be used up: 用光, the explosive will be used up in one week 
Present/Submit Application: 呈交、提交申请

Words & Expressions
Regular meeting 例会,定期会议
Safety precaution 安全预防措施
Site security 施工现场治安
On schedule 按计划(准时完成)
Reinforce 加固
Stone crushing plant 碎石厂
Intake 入口
Debris and dirt 残渣与淤泥
Revision of the schedule 修改计划
Catch up with the schedule 赶上进度
Geological data 地质资料
Granite 花岗岩
Sound conditions 完好的状况
On the track 步入正轨
Specific measure 具体措施
Obstacle 障碍
Dewatering capacity 排水能力
Clear through the Customs清关
Up to now至今
Hold up耽搁
Site coordination and management 现场协调和管理
Mutual effort双方努力

Meetings-Quality Control 
Due to the recent quality defects in the construction, a special meeting is called on the site by the Owner’s representative

Owner: Our resident engineer and I have noticed your performance with regard to compliance with the Specifications and quality of work has slackened. We found that water/cement ratio was not in accordance with the Specification. And at the power house, the multiple runs of embedded electrical conduit are being installed without adequate spacing. I’d like to have your comments on these. 

Contractor: We will talk about the details of our remedy. About the placement of block 9, we followed your resident engineer’s order and immediately suspended the pouring operation and cleared the unqualified mix away from the block. We found that the electronic control system of the batch plant was out of order. We soon repaired it and the pouring operation was resumed after a stop of 45 minutes. 
Owner: What about the electrical conduit spacing problem?

Contractor: Actually, we are doing that strictly in compliance with the working drawings issued by your engineer. May I refer you to Drawing No.xxx. To my construction experience, weakened planes can be avoided if a special concrete mix is made and the pouring procedure is kept under proper control. 

Owner: I’ll check the drawing and discuss it with our consultants. Meanwhile, you are instructed to stop the work on this part of project. 

Constructor: All right, we take your instruction, but will you please give us a written confirmation?

Owner: Ok. It will be given to you soon after this meeting. 
Contractor: Thank you, we will take a lesson from these matters and strengthen our quality assurance system. 

Owner: I have to reiterate that the ongoing construction work is at a critical stage and that the power house is a key component of the generating capability of this project. I expect your site manager to exert close supervision and proper cooperation of the various crew without compromising on quality. 

Contractor: It’s true that we are facing a pressing completion time and have expedite the construction progress, but we will certainly not do it at the cost of the project quality. 
Resident engineer 驻场工程师       advisory engineer 顾问工程师
Chief engineer 总工程师                 consulting engineer 咨询工程师
Engineer in charge 主管工程师      section engineer 工段工程师
Mechanical engineer 机械工程师   civil engineer 土木工程师
Follow one’s order/ advice/ instruction 遵循指令、建议、指示
Slump test 塌落实验
Multiple runs 官网布置 run在这里是“线路”的意思
Resume the work 重新开始
Keep under proper control 恰当控制
Working drawings 施工图纸           architectural drawing 建筑图
Built/completion drawing 竣工图  contract drawing 工程发包图
General drawing 总图                       elevation drawing 立面图
Plain view drawing 平面图                sectional drawing 剖面图
Skeleton drawing 草图                       structure drawing 结构图

Words & Expressions
Critical factors 关键因素
Due to 由于
Quality defect 质量缺陷
Compliance with the Specifications 按照规范
Misalignment 未对准,定线不准
Breaks and steps裂缝与凸面
Embedded electrical conduit 电缆预埋管
Spacing 间距
First priority 首要任务
Weakened plane 弱结合面,弱结合层
Remedy 补救 解决方式
Defective concrete 有缺陷的混凝土
Written confirmation书面确认
Take a lesson from 从…吸取教训
Quality assurance 质量保证
At a critical stage 处于关键阶段
Generating capacity 发现能力
The curing of concrete混凝土养护
Compromising on quality在质量上妥协
A pressing completion time工期紧

Meeting 3-Site Security and Safety
The Owner and the Contractor are working on a security and safety plan for the project 

 Owner: I have reviewed the draft of  security and safety plan you submitted, on the whole it is acceptable, but there are still some deficiencies. 

Contractor: I’d like to have your suggestions.

Owner: It is stated in the plan that two watchmen are to be stationed at   the main gate of the site. That is not enough, Four more are required with two being stationed at the explosive storage and two patrolling the major working area and the boundary of the site. 
Contractor: I agree that two more required at the explosive storage, as to the patrolling two, I think they are needed just for the night time. 

Owner: That’s workable. However, all the watchmen must be professional security guards. They should not be employed from ordinary civilians. Also, there must be warning signs like “No Trespassing!” around the site and “Hazardous Materials” at the explosive storage. 

Contractor: All right, we’ll take this action immediately. 

Owner: Now, about the safe operations at the site, I have to add that all personnel, including authorized visitors, must wear hard hats and sturdy shoes,  it is a must.  This is number one. Number two, fire extinguishers must be provided at all welding or burning action places. Number three, all the blasting operations must be carried by blasters with a blasting license issued locally. 
Owner: Last but not least, first aid station with suitable equipment must be established at all major working area. 

Contractor: Sure. Any other suggestion?

Owner: What I especially care about is the safety in the tunneling operations. What measures do you plan to avoid accidents? 

Contractor: It is true that excavation is most dangerous activity. Measures will be taken to avoid cave-ins, water surging, suffocation and electric shock. A geology engineer is appointed solely for this purpose. 

Owner: Here is last thing I want to mention.  I suggest you contact the nearby hospitals beforehand, to make arrangement with them. They are always ready to help if a serious accident occurs. Safety is not something minor.

Contractor: I agree. 

Notes to the text
No Trespassing! 不得入内
Take action immediately 立即采取行动
On the whole 总体上
 Main gate 大门
It is a must 这是必须做的事
Last,but not least 
Measures 采取的措施

Words & Expressions
Watchman 看守,值班人员
Patrol 巡游
Major working area主要工区
Security guard保安人员
Ordinary civilian 平民
Warning sign 警告牌
Site perimeter 现场周围
Hazardous materials 危险品
Fire extinguisher 灭火器
Welding 焊接
Ladder 梯子
Scaffold 脚手架
Blasting 爆破作业
First aid station 急救站
Water surging涌水
Cave-in 塌方
Electric shock 电击
Beforehand 预先
Safety is not something minor

Meetings-Environment Protection
Mr. Lucas, an inspector from local Environmental Protection Agency, is present at the  meeting with the Owner representative and the Contractor. 

 Contractor: Mr. Lucas, welcome to the project, it’s an honor to meet you.

Mr. Lucas: I am glad to have a chance to be here. 

Owner: Mr. Lucas hopes to learn how the environment is protected while the project’s going on. 

Mr. Lucas: This is very important project for our country, however, some local residents from the nearby community are rather concerned with its possibility adverse impact on the environment during the construction. What environment protection measures do you undertake? 
Contractor: Right from beginning of the works, we studied the environment protection regulations published by the government, and according to it we have made a careful plan on this project to protect the relevant land, surrounding vegetation and, especially , the Macal River water. 

Lucas: May I have more specific details of your measures?

Contractor: To avoid contamination by the leaking of fuel and garbage, various treatment facilities have been built. To protect Macal River water, things like  empty cement bags, cartons and other waste materials are cleared away from the river banks in time. As to the waste water from the crushing system at our batch plant, special treatment is carried before it is let go into the river. 
Lucas: Could you elaborate on your special treatment?

Contractor: (Explain the settlement tank system)

Lucas: Sounds fine, but how do you guarantee that this plan is implemented?

Contractor: We have designated one of our staff to be solely in charge of this job. He is responsible for monitoring and examining all the working crews carrying out his work. Of course, we are always under the superintendence of the Owner. 

Lucas: Can I go to the job site and have a look, please?

Contractor:  You are welcome to visit at any time you like. After  your visit, you could tell those worried residents that this project will not do any harm to their lives. Instead, it will improve their living condition

Notes to the text
Present at the meeting 出席会议
It’s an honor to meet you见到你很荣幸
Environment protection agency 环境保护局
What environmental protection measures do you undertake? 你们采取了哪些环境保护措施?
Nearby community: 附近的居民
Right from beginning of the works 从工程一开始
Will not do any harm to…不会对…有害

Words & Expressions
A big concern 极为关注的事
Emphasize 强调
Implementation 执行
Local resident当地居民
Adverse impact不利影响
Contamination 污染
Leaking 渗漏
Treatment facility 处理设施
Crushing system 碎石系统
Elaborate 详细说明
Settlement tank system
Interval 间隔
Chemical treatment 化学处理
Rock flour石粉末
Designate 指定
Under the superintendence of 
living conditions 生活条件

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